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Hello to all of our members. On this page I will be posting articles, information and things that I hope you will find interesting and helpful. I will add things from time to time, so check back every now and then. If you have any questions or comments for me, please send them to

Together Always,

Sharon Hobbs
National President


President's National Convention Report - 2017 (Click here to read)




On March 26, 2016, AVVA suffered a tremendous loss with the passing of our National Vice President, Cathy Keister.  Her memory and accomplishments will always be with us.  We will continue to see the fruits of her labor for years and her legacy will live on though completing the In Memory Plaque repair project and the successful operation of the National Foundation for Veterans and Families.
During the April 2016 Board meeting, Elayne Mackey (Region 9 Director) was elected to fulfill the unexpired term as AVVA’s Vice President.  She is a worthy, competent member who will continue Cathy’s AVVA passions; she brings with her integrity, compassion, and devotion to our mission.
AVVA is striving to listen and hear our membership on all requests.  We listened to your requests to lower our life membership dues and to add more AVVA products to the Military Best website.  We are endeavoring to add programs and projects as funding allows; we continue to develop and educate our national leaders to be more competent and mindful of their duties and commitment to our membership.
I have often reminded this Board of Directors to never forget where we came from.  We are the “heads” of this organization, but our members are the “heart”. Growth, devotion, volunteering, and future leaders begin their commitment and journey at the chapter-level.

Together Always,


September 2015:

Please read the Post-Convention report from our National President, here ....


August 2014:

AVVA is celebrating our fifteenth birthday this year.  Looking back over the last fifteen years, many wonderful accomplishments have been made and goals attained in AVVA; our past leaders have paved the way; our foundation is strong; and that allows us to focus on the future.

As AVVA grows and evolves, our dynamics are changing. Our membership has grown to an all-time high, VVA supporting us through dual membership is growing, and AVVA is now seeing active involvement from younger members.  Younger veterans, who are ineligible for VVA, are not only joining our organization but they are stepping up as leaders at the local, state, and national levels; they are serving on our National Committees; and they are being accredited as AVVA Service Officers.  And this in itself is reassuring us that AVVA’s future is secure and that VVA’s legacy will live on. 
As funding allows, expect to see programs reinstated, added, and projects completed.  A Committee is working on a Secondary PTSD Program that will hopefully in place next year; bring the Better Chance Scholarship back; and once again have our Flag booklet available to our membership.

John Fitzgerald Kennedy once said: 
“Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future.”

So I challenge you today to join national AVVA as we embrace change and we focus on the future.  With open minds, thinking outside the box, and dedicated people who love AVVA, we will set precedence for our organization for years to come.

Together Always,
Sharon Hobbs, President