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(by Region)

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Regional Director:Joanne Blum
Deputy Director: Vacant
Maine State Rep: Vacant
Vermont State Rep: Vacant
New Hampshire State Rep: Vacant
Massachusetts Rep: Vacant
Rhode Island State Rep: Vacant
Connecticut State Rep: Vacant


Regional DIrector: Nancy Rekowski
Deputy Director: Bobbie Morris
New York State Pres: Kathleen Penfield
Pennsylvania State Pres: Bobbie Morris
New Jersey State Rep: M. Wojciechowicz
Deleware State Rep: Vacant


Regional Director: Kaye Gardner
Deputy Director: Hope Summers
Maryland POC: Kaye Gardner
Washington DC POC: Deborah Williams
W. Virginia State Pres: Connie Jones
Virginia State Rep: Nancy Montgomery
Kentucky State Rep: Kathy Mattingly
Tennessee State Pres: Beverly Pounds
No. Carolina State Rep: Deborah Musolino
So. Carolina State Rep: Hope Summers


Regional Director: Jeri Wallis
Deputy Director: Susan Henthorn
Mississippi State Rep: Vacant
Alabama POC: Nancy Jackson
Georgia State Rep: Susan Henthorn
Florida State Pres: Joyce Kowprowski
Virgin Islands State Rep: Vacant
Puerto Rico State Rep: Vacant


Regional Director: Cecilia Essenmacher
Deputy Director: Don Jones
Michigan State Pres: Marilyn Lash
Illinois State Pres: Freda Goodwin
Indiana State Pres: Anthony Gigli
Ohio State Rep: Don Jones


Regional Director: Fran Davis
Deputy Director: Diane Nicholson
No. Dakota State Rep: Judy Devitt
So. Dakota State Rep: Vacant
Nebraska State Rep: Vacant
Kansas POC: Diane Nicholson
Minnesota POC:Gail Genin
Iowa State Rep: Vacant
Missouri State Rep: Fran Davis
Wisconsin State Rep: Pat Furno


Regional Director: Terri Rangel
Deputy Director: Suzie Meeks
Oklahoma State Rep: Wanda Ross
Texas State Pres: Percilla Newberry
Arkansas State Rep: Anna Stafford
Louisiana State Rep: Ora Wall


Regional Director: John Birch
Deputy Director: Vacant
Alaska State Rep: Vacant
Washington State Rep: Vacant
Oregon State Rep: Linda Mooney
Idaho State Rep: Vacant
Montana POC: Willa Burgess
Wyoming State Rep: Vacant


Regional Director: Casey Farrell
Deputy Director: Vacant
California State Pres: Elayne Mackey
Nevada State Pres: Joanna Henshaw
Utah State Rep: Vacant
Arizona State Pres: Casey Farrell
Colorado State Rep: Vacant
New Mexico State Rep: Vacant
Hawaii POC: Dorina Badget
Guam POC: Margaret Mendiola
Phillipines State Rep: Vacant



(contact by clicking on the name of the person)

REGION 2:    
Jeanie Powers Chapter 415 Bethlehem, PA
Terri Novak Chapter 542 Harrisburg, PA
Deborah Priest Chapter 791 Lewiston, PA
Bobbie Morris Chapter 862 Industry, PA
REGION 3:    
Joyce Simpson Chapter 203 Chattanooga, TN
Anne Rice Chapter 240 Henderson, TN
Cheryl Wroblewski Chapter 949 Huntington, WV
Linda Finch Chapter 950 Dickson, TN
Linda Yates Chapter 1004 Lebanon, TN
Simone Hawthorne Chapter 1074 Martinsburg, WV
REGION 5:    
Sherri Heath Chapter 274 Onaway, MI
Diane Brooks Chapter 299 Rockport, IL
REGION 8:    
Linda Mooney Chapter 805 Roseburg, OR
REGION 9:    
Casey Farrell Chapter 975 Kingman, AZ
Barry Carr Chapter 1079 Roy, UT