What does the PTSD'2' Logo Mean?

Mirroring your loved one through your eyes.


Why did we name our program PTSD ‘2’?

The ‘2’ can be perceived as “also.”



Secondary PTSD is commonly referred to as "the stress resulting from helping or wanting to help a traumatized or suffering person." If you live with with someone who suffers from PTSD, you may notice yourself beginning to "mirror" some of their behaviors.  This noticeable change is called Secondary Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.   

What are some common symptoms of secondary PTSD?

* Intrusive thoughts

* Chronic fatigue

* Sadness

* Anger

* Poor concentration

* Second guessing

* Detachment

* Emotional exhaustion


Peer support occurs when people provide knowledge, experience, and emotional, social, and practical support to each other.


Facilitator Training:

If you are interested in becoming a facilitator, you will be asked:

1. To sign the facilitator agreement: Agree to adhere to the guidelines, expectations, limitations, and confidentiality norms associated with the Facilitator Training of the Associates of Vietnam Veterans of America's Secondary PTSD Program, PTSD ‘2’.

2. To attend two (2) consecutive - two-hour training sessions; held online - Go To Meetings.

3. Additional training will be available as the course moves forward.


Would you like more information? Contact:

Nina Schloffel




*PTSD ‘2’ is an Associates of Vietnam Veterans of America, Inc. (AVVA) program
Supported by Vietnam Veterans of America, Inc. (VVA).