Spousal and Survivor Benefits:

In an effort to educate and support the families of veterans concerning the benefits available to them through the Department of Veterans Affairs, the Associates of Vietnam Veterans of America has created a program focused on bringing awareness to what is currently available to the spouse, widow, widower, and family of the veteran. Federal benefits are constant for everyone; state-funded benefits can vary. With that in mind, this program is designed to be implemented at the state and chapter levels where both federal and in-state funded programs are relevant.

This community event can be very successful if carefully planned and advertised. This program is only available through our website. Included in this program are all the tools needed to plan and execute your seminar.


Read the Benefits Program Outline for details on setting up your seminar, and follow the steps there.


Print out your Seminar Packet, which contains all of your handouts and samples.


Open the two documents linked to below, (word documents) and add your information in order to personalize the flyer and PSA to suit your chapter or state organization's information: Date, time, presenter, chapter # etc.

Sample Flyer

Sample PSA (Public Service Announcement)

This program will be of great benefit to all of our members, and even to others in our community, such as the families of veterans of our more recent conflicts. Perhaps most especially of value to the younger veterans, because they do not have a good source of information. We can be that source for them.

If you have questions about this program, please contact:

There may be more information added at a later time, so please stay in contact with this website.