The Associates of Vietnam Veterans of America originally designed the Agent Orange Remembrance Pin as a memento to give to widows, widowers, families and friends of victims of Agent Orange related cancers and illnesses. Now It is also meant to be worn to show our support, and to be a means of remembering to keep them in our thoughts and prayers.


The Remembrance Pin

Please wear this pin in honor of those who have suffered, and continue to suffer, the effects of Agent Orange exposure. The effects are multi-generational and are difficult to bear.

The heart shape symbolizes the love we have for our Vietnam Veterans, who have given so much for our country.

The Broken crack in the heart shows the heartbreak that so many have endured due to the exposure to deadly dioxins.

The orange tear symbolizes the tears that are still being shed each day by our Veterans, their families and children, due to the lingering effects more than fifty (50) years later.

Each time you pin this to your lapel, take a moment to remember those who suffer today, and those who will suffer for generations to come.

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