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The AVVA Policy and Procedures Manual has been broken down into individual sections for display. This should make it easier for you to find the section you need without added searching. If you do not find the answer to your policy questions here, please e-mail the Policy and Procedure chairperson with your questions.

You can also download or print individual sections, without having to print or save the entire manual.


AVVA P&P Manual

Section 1 - Position Responsibilities

Section 2 - Incorporated Subsidiaries: State & Chapter

Section 3 - Committees

Section 4 - Finance and Accounting (Including Travel)

Section 5 - Elections

Section 6 - Administrative

Section 7 - Membership

Section 8 - National Programs

Section 9 - Disciplinary

Section 10 - Forms

Section 11 - Committee Polices

Appendix 1 - Corporate Purposes

Appendix 2 - Removal of National Board Members or Officers

Policy Change Requests

If you have a well thought out suggestion for a change to the Policy & Procedure for AVVA, please use the following form. Follow the directions carefully. (*This form is a Microsoft Word document. It may download rather than directly opening in a window. If you click on the link and it seems that nothing happens, check your "downloads" folder).

P&P Change Form/General Membership.