The 2017-2019 Board of Directors was elected on August 11, 2017.
Here is your new board!

[Seated] Front row: Kathy Andras, Treasurer; Sharon Hobbs, President; Elayne Mackey, Vice-President; Nina Schloffel, Secretary. [Standing] Back row: Casey Farrell Region 9 Director; John Birch Region 8 Director; Terri Rangel Region 7 Director; Fran Davis Region 6 Director; Cecilia Essenmacher Region 5 Director; Jeri Wallis Region 4 Director; Kaye Gardner Region 3 Director; Nancy Rekowski Region 2 Director; Joanne Blum Region 1 Director.

You can contact your National Executive Officers at the following e-mail addresses.


National President:
Sharon Hobbs
National Vice-President:
National Secretary:
Nina Schloffel
National Treasurer
Kathy Andras