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National Officers:

You can contact your National Executive Officers at the following e-mail addresses.


National President:
Sharon Hobbs
National Vice-President:
Cathy Keister
National Secretary:
Joanna Henshaw
National Treasurer
Bill Williams



The 2013-2015 Board of Directors: L to R back Row: Frances Cartier, Region 1; Nancy Rekowski, Region 2; Beverly Pounds, Region 3; Jeri Wallis, Region 4; Penny Meinhardt, Region 5; Sherry Wright-Anderson, Region 6; Kathy Andras, Region 7; John Birch, Region 8; Elayne Mackey, Region 9. L to R Front row: Joanna Henshaw, Secretary; Sharon Hobbs, President; Cathy Keister, Vice-President; Bill Williams, Treasurer