The 'Paper Safe' is a wonderful document for any family. We all know that we are not going to live forever, and the hardest thing for our families and friends is trying to deal with all of the details when we are gone, or if we become unable to make important decisions for ourselves. Often, people do not have any information available for their spouse, children, or friends to help them do what you would want them to do.

This document was designed with Veterans in mind, but is a great tool for anyone. It is intended for you to easily contain all of the information that your family will need in a stressful time. Even if you already have a Will or Trust, the Paper Safe can allow you to put all of that information, along with all of the other details that someone would need, in one simple to find place. From the link below, you can read it over and get ideas, or you can print it right from your computer for your immediate use.

If you want to order printed copies of this document [which come in a sturdy folder] for yourself or for your State or Chapters to give out to your local Veterans, or for other questions, contact Nancy Switzer at: or Joanna Henshaw at:

To Download or print a loose-page copy of the Paper Safe click on the links below:

NEW: FILLABLE: Download or "save" to your computer and print out blank,
or fill out and print completed.

Fillable Paper Safe


Save/download the document to your computer. Open the Paper Safe document and scroll to the page that you want to print additional pages of. With that page showing, go to FILE and PRINT on your computer, or find the PRINT icon across the top section of the window your document is showing in. A dialog box will open, and somewhere in that box will be an option called "Current Page", or a drop down titled "Pages". Select that option. If your printer dialog box shows a preview, you will see the page you want in the box. When you know that you have chosen the correct page, find the option that allows you to say how many copies you want to print. Select how many you want (example "3"). Your printer should print your copies of that page separately. You can use this option for any individual page in the Paper Safe Document.

** Thanks go out to Raymond A Breault, Webmaster for VVA Florida State Council, for
the creation of the fillable form. That was a lot of work!