AVVA has formal Certificates of Appreciation with the AVVA National President's signature, available for you to request. These are to be used for very special circumstances. If you would like to request a National Certificate for one of your members, please contact President Sharon Hobbs.

Here you are offered a full color printable Certificate of Appreciation that you can award to your members from yourself, as a state representative or president, or as a chapter representative or president. This certificate can be filled out online, and then printed and signed, or it can be printed blank and filled out by hand.

PLEASE use a Certificate Paper, or a nice parchment style paper to print the certificate on, so that it will look professional. You will want it to look as nice as possible so that it will be the "thank you" that you intend it to be.

A Couple of things to consider:

The font used for the name of the person you are awarding may look really plain, depending what program you have that opens PDF files. If it does not appear on the screen in a font you like (the set font is Sign Painter), try printing the certificate plain and fill it out by hand.

The best browser to use is Google Chrome, or Internet Explorer. In order to use these fillable forms in the way they are intended. Also, the best programing for reading a PDF file is the Adobe Reader DC. This program is very safe, and is free from the Adobe website. It gives you all of the options you need. You can download the free version using this link: "Download Acrobate Reader"

Recommended paper is a "certificate" paper, which comes pre-printed with various boarders to choose from, or a nice "parchment" type paper in a soft color, such as light beige, white, or very pale yellow. These papers are generally not overly expensive.

The Process: Using the link below, open the certificate document. There will be a small icon in the upper right area of your screen to save the document onto your computer. Once you have saved it, open the document with Acrobate DC, and you will see the areas that are fillable spaces. The person's name, the name and title of the person who is issuing the certificate and a date are all fillable areas. You simply click your cursor into the space and type in what you need. You can then print the filled out certificate and save it or not, as you wish. Generally speaking most devices will not fill in the certificate properly if you try to to it in the browser screen. Some will and some will not.


Below, you can see a sample of what it will look like once printed. (this was printed on plain white paper - it will look different when you print because your paper color and texture will have an effect.)