The National elections will be held on July 19th, at the AVVA 2019 National Convention.

The offices which are available are:

National President, National Vice-President, National Secretary, National Treasurer, Regional Director for regions
1-9, Deputy Regional Director for regions 1-9.

How Do I Find the Qualifications:

If you want to find out the minimum qualifications for any of the offices that are open for elections, go to the National Policy and Procedure Manual, section 1, and read the duties and qualifications for the office(s) you are interested in.

AVVA national elections are held at the national conventions, and voting is executed by the registered delegates from our states, chapters, and at-large representatives. All delegates must be legally elected, or duly appointed as an alternate, and must be registered both for the convention (one form) and as an AVVA delegate (second form). These forms and other details can be found on the convention page.

In writing your biography for candidacy,remember that this is not a letter of intent. This is a statement that you are running for a certain office, and should contain an essay type listing of your qualifications and the reasons you feel you would be good for the job. Keep in mind that it will be published both on this website, and in the Convention Delegate Information Books handed out at the convention.  Try to give all needed information, while attempting to remain within two typed pages. (this is not a requirement, but rather a suggestion to keep your reader interested.)

The biographies and candidate information for anyone running for national offices will be posted on this page as they come in. Keep watch on this and the convention web page for further details.





President Joanna Henshaw Henshaw Biography
Vice-President Kaye Gardner Gardner Biography
Secretary Nina Schloffel
Treasurer Kathy Andras Andras Biography
Region 1 Director Frances Guevremont (RI) Guevremont Biography
Region 2 Director Roberta (Bobbie) Morris (PA) Morris Biography
Region 3 director* Wynella Bethards (KY)
Kathy Mattingly (KY)
Hope Summers (SC)
Bethards Biography
Mattingly Biography
Summers Biography
Region 4 Director Jeri Wallis (GA) Wallis Biography
Region 5 Director Don Jones (OH) Jones Biography
Region 6 Director Fran Davis (MO) Davis Biography
Region 7 Director Teresa R. Rangel (TX) Rangel Biography
Region 8 Director    
Region 9 Director Tim Von Bon (UT)Von Bon Biography
Region 1 Deputy Director    
Region 2 Deputy Director Nancy Rekowski (PA) Rekowski Biography
Region 3 Deputy Director* Connie Jones (WV)
Susan Price (TN)
Jones Biography
Price Biography
Region 4 Deputy Director Susan Henthorn (GA) Henthorn Biography
Region 5 Deputy Director Cecilia Essenmacher (MI) Essenmacher Biography
Region 6 Deputy Director Rick Talford (WI) Talford Biography
Region 7 Deputy Director* Ora Wall (LA)
Suzie Meeks (TX)
Wall Biography
Meeks Biography
Region 8 Deputy Director    
Region 9 Deputy Director Kelly Frederickson Frederickson Biography