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Associates of Vietnam Veterans of America is making all of the Training and Educational materials that we have been creating recently, available to our membership for use by local groups. Please be patient, as we are adding more tools as they are created or updated!

If you do not have Microsoft Office on your computer, you can download a Power Point Viewer here, so that you can view the presentations below.

We have now added MP4 Video versions of some of our Power Point Presentations, that can be viewed on almost any devide if you do not have the ability to show power point slideshows at a meeting. You can simply share the link with your members if you wish. Look for more in the near future!


Available training Presentations:




How to Navigate the AVVA Website How to Navigate the AVVA Website
Incorporating a State or Chapter Incorporating a State or Chapter
Elections - Legal State Elections  
Elections - Legal Chapter Elections  
Elections - Legal At-Large Elections Elections - Legal At-Large Elections
AVVA-VISTA Program  
Recruiting and Retaining Members  
How to Set Up an A.O. Town Hall Meeting  
VA Presentation on Care Giver Support Act  


We are working on some additional training documents, such as building a successful chapter; how to conduct meetings; additional MP4 video versions, and more. If you have any suggestions about what you would like to see, please email the webmaster, who can pass the information on to the proper committee or officer.